Furbo: Call your dog

Furbo Dog Camera: Review

This is my favorite out of the three products. Currently Furbo is sold for $242 on Amazon. This is one dog cam that you can use outside of USA and Canada. If you have wifi, you can use this camera from anywhere of the world.

There are only three easy steps to setup Furbo Dog Camera.

  1. Find a place with good WiFi reception and plug it in.Furbo Mobile App
  2. Wait for the Status light to be green.
  3. Download the Furbo App. Sync your phone with Furbo

Click here to watch the video on how to setup Furbo.

So that will take only 3 mins.

Now We all settled, put the treats into treat dispenser. (I got packet of treats with this purchase)


  • Furbo has an amazing cameraDog Cam: Furbo features
  • Video Recording Capability
  • Two way audio ( You can talk with your Dog)
  • Barking sensor: If your dog barks you will get a notification. You can adjust this sensor on
    how loud he/she barks. Then you can talk with them and give him a treat.
  • Nice Design. Not like ordinary box shape cameras. This will fit into your living room perfectly.

Dog can’t steal the treats. Ha ha…!!!! Yes, this design prevent your dog from stealing the precious treats. YOU ARE PERFECTLY IN CONTROL.

“I love this thing!! I am on the road a lot and is really nice to be able to see and talk to my three Amigos when ever I want…the treat compartment could be bigger since there are multiple dogs trying to nab the treats each time. I tried using their mini kibble and it shot out 7 or so our each time…”

Now Watch How Our Dogs Reacts to Furbo.

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Furbo Dog Camera: Amazon

Amazon Ratings: FOUR STARS

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Question: Can I use my own treats for Furbo?

Answer: It is no problem as long as the size of those treats is smaller than the treat dispensing hole on Furbo. (Round shaped treats with a diameter around 1 cm (.4″) work best.)

Question: Can multiple people can use one Furbo Account? (All of you family members)

Answer:    Yes, your family can share the Furbo account. But, to ensure the security, you have to use one Email/Password combination. Note: Only two people can log in to Furbo at the same time. 

Question: Does Furbo need batteries?

Answer: No. Furbo has to be plug into power wall adaptor. (Support 110v and 220v)

Question: My dog barks all the time. Does it mean I will get notification from Furbo all the time?

Answer: You can always adjust the sensitivity of the barking sensors.

Question: Does Furbo comes with a warranty?

Answer: Yes! Furbo comes with a one year free warranty starting from the date of shipping. Your Furbo warranty covers all defects in material and workmanship, except the following:

  • Damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, disassembly, unauthorized modification or neglect.
  • Damage caused by liquid contact.
  • Damage resulting from failure to follow instructions contained in your instruction manual.
  • Damage resulting from the performance of repairs by someone not authorized by our company.

Question: Can I use android phone for Furbo?

Answer: Yes. You can use both IOS and Android phones for Furbo pet camera.




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